Sunday, May 29, 2016

Grade 3&4s explore the Children's Museum

by Aidan

On May 19th, my class went to the Children's Museum.  It took 2 hours to get the museum.  First, we put our bags in a big bin and then one of the workers told us the rules.  We went to the was pretty cool!!!  We went to the lasagna lookout.  My group spent most of our time in the lasagna lookout.  We had a picnic outside.  Another worker told us about light and the color of light.  We played for a few more minutes and then we had to go back to school.

by Rylan

Our class went to the Children's Museum.  When we got there, my group wanted to go on the train.  We went to the slide.  We ate lunch outside.  We went to the lasagna lookout and we play a game.  After we put our lunch kits away we played again and then met at the big clock.  We lined up and walked to the blue room.  We sat down on the square and listened to the guy.  He told us about erosion.  There were three kinds of erosion.  There was water, rain and wind.  The first one was water.  My group built a mountain.  The water did a little damage.  Then we kept it up.  Next, it was rain.  The rain did lots of damage.  So we had to rebuild it.  He gave us sticks and rocks.  We built them into a wall with red clay.  We stuck the sticks together.  The wind pushed the sticks forward onto the land and it barely got damage.  The rain was the most damaging.  The best part of our field trip was playing with my friends.

by Gina

We went to the Children's Museum.  My favorite part was the lasagna lookout.  Me and Amaris were partners.  We went to the Red River at the Forks.  We learned that the bison rubbed their back on a rock.  There were marks and faces on the rocks.  We had picnic lunch outside.  We went on the slide and then we went to the train.  We had a lot of fun!  We had a fun time at the Children's Museum.  We went home!

by Abby

We went to the Children's Museum.  When we first got there, we went outside to eat.  My group sat at the picnic tables.  After that we came inside to go on the train.  We took pictures and pretended that we were secret spies!!  Once someone got tired of the train, we went to make stuff.  I made a minion with someone else in my group, but they fell apart so we didn't take them home.  After we were done, we went to lasagna lookout.  We played hide and go seek.  I was it twice!  We went to the slide next.  We looked around and kept sliding until we needed to have lunch.  After lunch, we played the same secret spy game on the train.  We dressed up and did lots of stories for people we didn't know.  My class went to a program about erosion.  We tried to keep our land up.  We named our island, Beach Sister Island.  First, he made rain fall onto Sisters Island.  He watered it with a watering can.  It did not make our land survive.  Then he made it very windy so that did survive because we remade Sisters Island.  He made it windy with a leaf blower.  After we were done, we went back to the train to play spies once again.  We needed to meet at the big clock so we could go home.  After the long, long day we got on the bus to go home!

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  1. Carter's MomJune 1, 2016 at 12:21 PM

    WOW! Looks like the Children's Museum was an action packed trip! Such great photos.