Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A trip to Narcisse Snake Dens....

The grade 1&2 children ventured off to Narcisse Snake Dens last week to investigate snake habitats and the life cycle of a snake....a special thank you to Dave Roberts, who has been responsible for the Snake Dens for the past 29 years, for joining us for the morning.  Your guided tour gave us a true appreciation for the wonder of the life of a red sided garter snake right in the Interlake!

written by Danyx and Kaz

We got to hold snakes.  I think I held 30 snakes!  It was fun to be there right in their habitat.  If the snakes aren't fiesty, kneel down, use both hand and pick the snake up and hold it.  You have to hold them gently!  There a guy that works there....he was a snake expert!!!  He said we could name the snakes.  I named mine Charlie.  There were 4 snake dens.  One den, the last one, had so many snakes!  So many kids held snakes ~ almost everybody!  We saw so much nature!  Did you know that the snakes had not eaten since fall....and they still weren't hungry!

My favorite part was holding the snakes.  Mine was naming them!  It was a nice day out even though we thought it might rain.  On Monday, it kept saying it was going to rain on Wednesday, but it didn't!  We had such a great day at the snake dens!!!

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  1. Now that looks like it was a super fun day!