Monday, February 15, 2016

Our STEAM Fair 2016

SSES held our STEAM Fair, celebrating Science, , Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math on Tuesday, February 2nd.  A special thank you to each of our SSES families and our community members for sharing this day with us!

a conversation with David, Korman, Henrik, Emmalee, Zak, Elin & Jencie

"I made something interesting that doesn't even blow lava!  We built a rocket ship.  There is a window inside of it.  There's also a door way and some pillows.  There's a blast thing on the rocket ship and there's a pretend screen.  So many things for our imagination to think about!

I saw a Jurassic World made out of blocks, dinosaurs, cardboard, leaves, gems and that's all.  My group and I made Loveland out of cardboard, gems, plastic animals and loose parts.  We wrote storybooks to go with it.  There was a tank with a real turtle!!!

I took a rover made out of a box.  It had wheels and a bag to control it.  One class made an erupting volcano!  There was a ramp for racing cars.  He had a GoPro on one of the cars attached with popsicle sticks.  It showed a video from the GoPro!

I took crystals to the STEAM Fair made from Borax, really hot water and 3 pipecleaners.  You also needed 20 drops of colors.  My group researched bones.  We made a cut out of a body and glued bones on it.  It was a great skeleton!

I got to try to code Dash the robot.  It was so cool to code him with the iPad and make him move, light up and make sounds.  I got to try Dash and make a Path for him to follow from the iPad.  

My whole class was there!  Some kids from the middle school came to our STEAM Fair.  There were alot of people there.  My Mom and Dad came and friends from the middle school.  My whole family was there!!!  Before lunch, we could go around and look at everything.  We saw some things that inspired us to do more research and wonder about things.  There kids curious about so many things!"

A special thank you for sitting down and having a conversation about STEAM Fair!

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