Thursday, February 25, 2016

Celebrating 100 Day at SSES!

Room 112 written by Julie

For 100 Day, my class made 100 Day masks.  We had a photo booth.  My teacher got us plastic cups ~ 100 of them!  Our challenge was to use of the cups to make a tower!

Room 114 written by Dylan

On 100 Day, our class had a photo booth and we made 100 shades of color.  We brought 100 things to school and after 100 was my birthday!!!

Room 131 written by Zak

We had a photo booth on one hundred day.  We had hats, sunglasses and scarves!  For art, we used pipettes to drop 100 drops of color on a canvas.  We did lots of Math and during Literacy Workshop, we wrote in our journals.  We did something called 100 things I love ~ you have to write 100 things that you love!

Room 113 written by Jeremiah

For 100 Day we had a photo booth.  We got to wear funny things!  And we had a class photo.  We had some little snacks.  We had a building challenge.  It was to make a bridge with 100 things.  At first, it fell down.  So we made it again and it worked!  Then we had writing, it made us smile.

Room 116 written by Keiran

We counted cups on 100 day ~ 100 of them!  We also counted snacks in groups of 10.  We made posters that said Happy 100 Day!  We got to eat the snacks at lunch!  Mrs. Gibson took a class picture of us!

Room 129 written by Viggo

We were doing 100 Day painting.  We started with red, pink, yellow and blue.  We mixed and mixed the colors to create 100 shades of colors.  It was fun!

Room 130 written by Jasmine

For 100 Day, my class did 100 Day work!  We had to write 100 facts about ourselves.  That was hard!  We used 100 things to make a picture.  We also had to write 100 words.  It was a fun day!

Room 115 written by Ella

What I did on 100 Day was draw what I would look like if I was 100 years old.  We did some math and writing and I had lots of snacks!  We did 100 Day work!  It was fun!

Room 132 written by Morgan

Every student in our class had 100 objects.  Some objects were gumballs, nail polish, dominoes and popcorn kernals.  Some of our class made lines on the floor and measure how long they were.  The person who had 100 dominoes line them up and pushed them down.  We got to choose whatever way we wanted to share our 100 things.  We did 100 things about me in our Documentation books, a 100 word story in our Writer's Notebooks and we also wrote down 100 words!  Our class had a wonderful 100 Day!

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