Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shared Explorations

written by Aidan, Nathan, Slade and Tyler

Our classes buddy up for reading, explorations and special activities!  Mrs. Mill's  Kindergarten class buddies with Mrs. Casper's grade 3&4 class.  Ms. Lewis's class buddies up with Mrs. Magnusson's class.  When we have shared explorations we build houses and castles!  We use LEGO, magnets and building blocks.  We also sketch and write!

Usually the big kids come to our Kindergarten classrooms.  Sometimes we read together, too!  We made gingerbread houses together.  There was a LOT of candy!!!  Our buddies helped us write our letters to Santa!  Mrs. Magnusson's class walked with Ms. Lewis's class to the post office to deliver them!  We saw frosted spider webs and trees!

The grade 3&4 classes love doing explorations with the Kindergarten kids.  They also love reading to them!  The Kindergarten kids think that the grade 3&4s are really helpful and they also have really great ideas!

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