Monday, November 23, 2015

Room 130 Election 2015

written by Jayde, Olivia and Jackson

Three weeks ago, we watched the Justin Trudeau swearing in ceremony and Aidan suggested that we have a class election.  We were inspired to elect a Prime Minister in our classroom.  Jackson and Olivia were nominated to run for Prime Minister.  They gave a speech on the morning of the election.  They talked about what they would do as Prime Minister.  They made election promises.  We had to make ballots for the election.

When we voted, each person went behind a voting box.  Jayde and Sophie called people to vote and marked them off of the list.  The kids marked their choice on the ballot and put it in the box.  Carter and J counted the votes.  Jackson has 11 votes and Olivia had 5.  Mrs. Magnusson continued to encourage us to be confident and work together!  We are going to hold an election every 4 months.  Olivia feels she will run again!

It is great to have the opportunity to have a second election.  We are all excited about the next election.  The election was interesting to do in our classroom because it had just happened in Canada.  It also taught us that even when you lose, we need to work together.  We think that it is easier to be the Prime Minister in Room 130 than it would be to be the Prime Minister of Canada.  Justin Trudeau has a hard job!

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