Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rocks for Kids

written by Grayson, Jake and Brenden
Room 108 Kindergarten Class

One day, we were wondering how many kids were in our school.  We went to every class to ask how many kids they had.  We had notebooks and clipboards to write down the number.  Mrs. Mills helped us add up all of the numbers.  There are 203 kids in our school! (256 with our Junior Kindergarten kids!)  Jake had the idea to make rocks.  He used his hat to collect little rocks.  It was heavy!  We helped him.  We made rocks to make the school a better place, and the world too!  

We painted the rocks.  We wrote notes to each person.  "Here's rocks for you.  From Room 108."  We put them in little bags and tied them with pipe cleaners.  We put enough special rock bags into a fancy bag and took one to each classroom.  Every kid in our school got a special rock bag, even us!  We saw some thank yous on Twitter!

Everyone felt happy because they got 10 special rocks.  We DID make the school a better place!!!

Painting the rocks

Writing the notes

Counting the rocks

Delivering the rocks!

Special deliveries!

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