Saturday, October 31, 2015

Exploring Canada in grade 3&4

written by Rayna

We are each researching a province in Canada.  I'm learning about Nunavut.  I've learned that one of their animals is a polar bear.  It is usually winter there!  They also have beautiful Northern Lights.  I'm making an Adobe Voice to share what I've learned.  We use Safari to research our provinces on the iPad, we get books from the library & our classroom and we even find information about Canada in the back of our daily planners!

written by Jayden

We're learning about symbols of Canada and the provinces.  There used to be a fur trade with the Indigenous People.  I also learned about the great fire in NFLD and Labrador in 1892.  We were making lists about the symbols and what they meant.  They represent Canada!  We made flags for each province and territory.  Some were in our documentation books, some were out of cardboard and some kids made flags with plasticine.  Now I'm working on an Adobe Voice about the Northwest Territories.  I've already learned about three different provinces.  It's so interesting learning about Canada!  

written by Morgan

We've been learning about different provinces and territories.  We've talked about provincial attractions, the flower, flag and other things important to the provinces.  I researched Saskatchewan and I learned that the provincial flower is the Western Red Lily.  I researched information in a book from my classroom.  We put our research in our documentation books and writer's notebooks.  We had to choose a way to share our research.  Some kids made posters, Adobe voice videos, habitats and sketches.  It's important to learn about Canada because we need to know about the country we live in and explore the different cultures!

written by Ava V.

My class has been researching provinces in Canada and what they have in them.  We learned that BC has totem poles and mountains.  We're learning what makes each province and territory unique and how Alberta is famous for it's oil.  Each province has so many things that make them special.  We're going to teach Ms. Shamanski about the provinces.  We just got this new map app that makes a puzzle out of each province.  Some of the kids made a lighthouse out of loose parts.  We made the Canadian flag out of loose parts, too.  We made the shapes of the provinces to put together as Canada.  We're also thinking and designing pieces and places in the provinces.  It's important to learn about Canada because it's where we live...and that makes it important!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exploring numbers....

Over the past few weeks, each of our classes have been exploring numbers in various ways....take a look into our Edsby posts about numeracy across the grades!

Representing numbers 

Sorting in groups of ten for the bag it up challenge

Domino addition

measuring pumpkins

measuring for our pizza sauce


using tens and ones (digi blocks and base ten blocks)

exploring place value

story problems

number patterns

millionaire math game

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Our literacy journey....

Our class Edsby posts share and celebrate our literacy journey at SSES!

poetry inspired by nature

creating writing criteria

word work

writer's notebook time

building criteria 

documenting through photos

creative writing

a mixed up alphabet problem solved

writing about a zoo created through explorations

shared writing using the document camera & SMART board

sharing a book

writing tweets about reading

buddy reading during literacy workshop

A numeracy snapshot from our Edsby pages....

authentic counting opportunity

numbers in nature

number work

math games

representing numbers all the ways we know how

number explorations inspired by literature

math frenzy

exploring 3D solids