Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up

written by Jillian & Olivia J.

On Thursday, September 25th, we did our shoreline clean-up.  We got a glove and walked to the high school.  We walked along the train tracks.  We found lots of garbage.  We found paper, cigarette butts, wrappers & glass and plastic bottles.  There were plastic bags in the ditch ~ lots of them!  It is so important to do the community clean up because it is ugly to look at all of the garbage, it creates gases that go into the air and the garbage is very bad for the environment!

written by Isabelle

Last week, we had a shoreline clean-up.  We went to the beach and back with the grade 10s.  We found probably 100 cigarette butts!  The shoreline clean up helps our environment and makes our air cleaner.  It also saves the Earth!  The shoreline clean up makes a change in the community.  We picked up so much garbage, it was almost scary!  As tiring as it was, I'm so glad that we did the clean-up!

written by Ian

Shoreline clean up is a time to walk around our town to find garbage.  The shoreline clean up is an important time to pick up garbage.  I like to help and pick up the garbage.

written by Delaney

Last week, we did a shoreline clean up.  There was more garbage than I thought.  The reason it is important is because we want to keep our environment healthy.  We went with the high schoolers.  There a lot of cigarette butts.  We each got one glove to pick up the garbage.  The most garbage was in the ditches.  All of the grade 3&4s went!

Thank you to Gimli High School for always inviting us to be part of this very important initiative! 

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