Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Corn Harvest ~ Room 112 & Room 114

written by Kaden, Julie & Christian

Last Friday, Room 112 had a corn harvest.  The corn was from our gardens.  Mrs. Mager's class from last year planted the corn.  We invited Room 114 to join us for the celebration!

The corn was all different sizes.  It was soft, buttery and yummy!  We also made orange jello.  We talked about solids, liquids and gases when we made the jello.  The jello had whipped cream on it!  Yum!
We had one lost tooth during the harvest.  Christian lost his tooth and couldn't find it!!!  But it's okay!
Room 114 painted some decorations for the feast!  Room 112 used the corn husks and added decorations.

It was fun to share the corn together!

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