Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo ~ Grade 1&2s

written by Sophie, Eva, Olivia H., Mitchell & Ryan
Last week, the Grade 1 & 2 classes went to the zoo.  We saw things we weren't expecting to see, like snakes!  It was really fun because I got to see the tigers.  You could go into the kangaroo enclosure.  It was cool to be with them, but you couldn't go too close.  When we looked closely, there were babies in the mama's pouch!  We got to see the polar bear swim.  It was like you were swimming with them when you were in the water tunnel.  When we first got there, the polar bear was just sitting on the glass.  You could see his paw through the glass roof.  The seals played tricks on us in the water tunnels.  Some of us went to the polar bear playground.  If you stepped on the ice blocks, you could smash them!  There are slides in the playground, one comes out through a polar bear's mouth!
We got to see bats and cockroaches.  There were meer cats and snow leopards.  Lots of the animals were sleeping because it was a hot day for them.  We got to go into the theatre at the Journey for Churchill.  You could watch the video everywhere!  Some kids got to go on the snowmobile, helicopter and boat.
We've been building zoos in our classrooms this year.  We use gems, blocks, animals, loose parts, nature building, lights, mirrors and beautiful things to create the animal spaces and enclosures.  We take lots of pictures to capture the zoo and we also make Adobe Voice videos sometimes to tell the story about the zoo.
It was such a fun day....and so interesting!!!

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