Thursday, June 18, 2015

Music Explorations at SSES

written by Jasmine, Parker, Ava M. & Zachary

During Music Explorations, we can play and explore music!  We don't just create songs, we use music in other ways.  It's not always about using your voice, but sounds from instruments and percussion, too.  You can always add dancing, too!

Sometimes Mrs. Isfeld gives us tasks or must dos during explorations.  One day, we had to use space notes (FACE) in our explorations.  You could use instruments, gems at the mirror table or the music notes at the light table or any other way that you could show that you understood space notes.  We can also use the carpet to show music notes.  We make puppet shows set to music.  The puppets are really cool, they tell a story.  Sometimes it's free explorations.  That's when you can explore beats, rhythms, shows, dance, songs, singing, composing and stories.  You just have to use music in your explorations!!!

At the end of Music class, kids share their music, compositions or whatever they have explored.  Kids always want to share their explorations!  Sometimes we get to make comments about kids' performances.  We learn about our rhythms when we create our own AND when we listen to our friends' performances.  Some kids are really fascinated by what we do and want to try it.  We inspire each other!  Sometimes kids take musical notes that we have used and change the order or play the notes backwards to create a new composition.

We love music explorations!  It makes us feel free!


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