Friday, June 5, 2015

Artist in the School 2015

Artist in the School!!

written by Jayden and Sawyer

Over the past few weeks, a clay artist, Mr. Bud, came to create tiles with our whole school!  Over the week, we went step by step with our tiles.  Before he came to our school, we made sketches inspired by nature.  First, we had to put grey paint on our clay tiles.  Then we had to dry the tiles with hair dryers.  After that, we traced our sketch on the clay tile.  We used the chicken claw tool to etch the design.  Mr. Bud taught us about black & white spaces.  Then Mr. Bud took all of our tiles home and put them in a kiln to fire them.  He brought the tiles back to our school and we got to paint them with liquid glass.  The colors were a little confusing because some of them were dark, but actually bright.  He took them home again to add a final glaze.  When he brought them back to the school, we got to put them on the wall with this sticky stuff that looked like melted marshmallows!

We think the art looks beautiful!  We're glad that it will stay there forever!  Making our tile was a beautiful journey!

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  1. Our class loved the tile making process and can't seem to admire the installation enough. Every time we look at the wall, we see something new!