Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Discovering Mealworms

written by Maria, Sofia and Nate
We have 25 mealworms in Room 115.  They are all in different recycled containers.  Mrs. Bergman got them from a pet store.  When we got them, they were moving all over the place.  After a few days, they shed their skin and turn into a pupa.  They slow down before they become a pupa.  They were mostly light brown when they first came and then they get white.  The pupa is all white and gets darker.  Then it will hatch into a beetle.  Each day the beetles get darker until they are black beetles.  The mealworms eat apples, bananas and potatoes.  We put bran in the containers so that they can burrow.  If they stop burrowing, it means that they are going to turn into a pupa.  Once mealworms turn into beetles, they have eggs and more mealworms are born.  The eggs are very tiny!!!
We have watched some videos to research mealworms.  Mealworms have predators.  A jumping spider used poison when he bit a mealworm in the video.  The spider ate the mealworm. 
We are going to let them go into the garden.  It would be cool to take a trip to the amazon to take the mealworms there!!!

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