Friday, March 13, 2015

MTYP visits SSES

written by Ben
At the start of the day there was a play.  It was called "The New Canadian Kid."  It was about a kid who came from a place called Homeland and moved to Canada.  The main characters were Nick, Mench, Mom and Mog.  Mog was always mean to Nick.  One time when Mog was frustrated, she bent Mench's arm.  But they started ignoring her and she finally stopped.  It was a very funny play!!!! 
written by Troy
We had a play at our school in the gym.  There was a boy named Nick and he moved from Homeland.  Homeland is a made up country.  They also made up some languages.  There was German, Spanish, French and Icelandic.  When they put it all together, it sounded really weird.  When Nick was moving to Canada his friends gave him a bowl for a going away present.  When he took his bowl to school the next day, Mug was picking on him and she grabbed his bowl and broke it on Mench's head.  Nick went home and tried to hide his broken bowl behind his back.  When he sat down, his Mom said "What's behind your back?" and Nick said, "Nothing!"  Then he said my bowl.  He showed his Mom and she said, "What happened?  How did your bowl break?"  Nick said that he had dropped it and his Mom asked his what really happened.  Nick said, "At school, there's this person that keeps bullying me.  She grabbed my bowl and broke it on Mench's head.  The next day, Mench was finally being nice to Nick, but Mug was still teasing Nick.  After Nick and Mench were best friends.  Mench and Nick started leaving Mug out so she would see how it felt to be left out.  I think Mug picked on Nick because Nick was new and he didn't speak Canadian.  Nick and Mench were playing baseball and Mug stole the baseball bat and chased them around trying to hit them.  When Nick and Mench were ignoring Mug she grabbed Mench's arm and put it behind his back.  She pulled it up and started to hurt him.  Finally Nick game her the basketball.  They went to play with something else.  Mug was calling Nick a Sgak, which is a mean made up word.  When Mug was bullying Nick and Mench, they were just ignoring her.  Then she started to hurt them because they wouldn't talk to her.  I think Nick felt scared when he moved to Canada!

Everyday Math at SSES

We love exploring and learning about Math at SSES!  These pictures give you a glimpse of everyday Math in each of our classrooms....all photos taken from our Edsby posts!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pepe visits Room 112!

Mrs. Magnusson's grade 3 /4 class were kind enough to let us babysit their class pet, a long-haired Guinea pig name Pepe, for the past ten days. It was a great opportunity to learn to responsibly care for a pet, and to show care and love to another creature. We all had a lot of fun playing with Pepe, feeding him fresh vegetables, cleaning his cage, and topping up his food and water. On Thursday, he was returned to Mrs. Magnusson's class. The children wrote messages of thanks and presented them to the class. Thank you grade 3 / 4!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wild About Books....and critters!

written by Ryan

Last week, a guy named Steve brought some animals into the gym.  There two frogs, two geckos, a bearded dragon, a hedgehog, another lizard and two snakes!!!  Every kid got to touch the snakes and lizard!  It was very cool!

Mrs. Moar put a tarantula on her head and a snake around her neck!  We cheered...and screamed when it happened!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ag in the Classroom

SSES welcomed local farm, Mac McCrae to our school to talk about his farm and farm life.  His presentation was part of Agriculture in the Classroom

written by Preston
Today we went to the atelier and a guy named Mac came and talked to us about farming.  He showed us pictures from his farm.  After, we made butter!  We shook the cream for 10 minutes and it turned into butter.

written by Theron
We went to the atelier to watch a slideshow of his farm.  We tractors and cows.  We got a book about farming.  And then we got to make butter!  We had to shake it a lot.  The butter was good!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grade 8 Band from DGJMS visits SSES



Real Life Snakes and Ladders

written by Keira
For the last day of I Love to Read month, we got to play Snakes and Ladders in gym!  The snakes and ladders game was with real people.  My favorite station was ball push-ups!  At each station there was a dice.  We would roll the dice to see how far we got to go.  We had partners and my partner was Rhianne.  The grades 1 and 2 also got to play Snakes and Ladders.  We got to play real life Snakes and Ladders because our theme was Wild About Reading.  It was a fun game to play!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wild About Animals!

A sneak peek of the critters and reptiles that visited us on Thursday for our Wild About Animals I Love to Read celebration!!!

Blog post and more photos coming soon!!!