Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pink Shirt Day at SSES

We celebrated Pink Shirt Day on February 25th.  A boy wore a pink shirt to school one day a few years ago and got bullied.  Pink Shirt Day is a national day to say no to bullying.  Girls and boys can like, wear or do anything that makes them the best they can be and we should respect that!  Kids stand together to say no to bullying!
"It makes me feel nice from my head to my toes!" ~ Olivia
"I feel like I'm standing up for people that have been bullied!" ~ Cade
"It makes my sadness go away." ~ Luke
"It makes my heart feel full with happiness!" ~ Jenifer

Celebrating 50 Day in Kindergarten!

written by Kalea, Christian, Raymond and Raea
We made 50 day hats and we looked like chefs.  We used bingo dabbers on our hats.  We made cuts on our hats to make crowns.  We made necklaces with 50 fruit loops.  We brought 50 trash packs, 50 popsicle sticks, 50 crystals and 50 shreddies.  Our friends brought 50 items too!  We had a 50 party with special snacks.  We had to count out 10 snacks on 5 spots to make 50 snacks!  The party part was the best!  Drinking Kool-Aid for a treat was fun!  Having a party on 50 Day was awesome!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mrs. Pidwinski's class visits from GHS

On Tuesday, Mrs. Pidwinski's EP class visited Mrs. Michaluk's class to share in our love of reading.  We were very excited to welcome the high school kids to our classroom!


Designing and Creating Structures from Around the World

written by Emma
Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about structures and we got a chance to build a structure.  I built Big Ben with Rhianne.  We used a shoe box, a snack box, and two toothpaste boxes.  First we had to put together our structures then we got to paint them.  It was really fun learning about structures.  There is so much that we learned!

written by Heather
My class built structures out of recyclables.  We painted our structures.  I was lucky because the teacher said that we had to choose off of the board, but she said that she was surprised that my structure was not on the board.  She let me do it!  I created the Golden Gate bridge.

written by Rowan
Over the last few weeks we talked about structures.  Every class made structures.  Everyone in our class picked a structure.  I was the only one in our class to pick the Empire State Building.  The materials we used were paint, hot glue, paper, popsicle sticks and lots more recyclable materials.  It was awesome and fun to make our structures!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcoming Guest Readers at SSES

Mr. Hall shares his love of reading each week with Mrs. Casper's class.  Each child gets the opportunity to read with Mr. Hall!  Thank you Mr. Hall, for your dedication to our children's love of reading!

Mrs. Roza Gray, our Assistant Superintendent, visited our Grade 3&4 classes last week for I Love to Read Month.  She loves to share her favorite children's books with us!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read to us!  We love to Read!!!

A note from a child....

Sometimes the smallest note can hold the biggest impact and vision....never underestimate the power of student voice and insight!

Today and everyday....our hearts are happy because of children like you.....because of each and every child in our school.