Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Exploring Structures Room 129

written by Hunter and Noah

Last week Mrs. Poloski put out things that made us think about houses.  There were colour samples, house design books, door and shingle samples and things to draw with.  We used graph paper to create our dream houses.  They could be anything you wanted them to be.  We were learning Math!  You need to use multiplication to figure out the area of a room.  Hunter put a ginormous pool and bedroom in her dream house and Noah had an animal room in his house.  To get started on building our structures from around the world, we watched videos and looked at different pictures.  We took virtual field trips to different places around the world.  We had many pictures of different structures to help inspire our building.  We used blocks, clay, Jenga blocks, recycled materials, string, popsicle sticks and plasticine.  We had to figure out the amount of materials that we needed and we also needed to see if the materials were stable enough.  It took many tries to get just the right structure and to make the materials balance.  We wrote about our structures in our documentation books.  Each of us had pictures of our structures, information about the place and how we built the structure.  We got to build miniature versions of different structures from around the world, it made structures so interesting!
Noah would like to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris someday and Hunter would like to visit the Skylon Tower in Niagra Falls.  

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  1. Thank you to Mrs. Poloski, Mrs. Michaluk and Grade 3/4 students for documenting and sharing this incredible journey. I find architecture so fascinating and when I was younger, I dreamed about being an architect. I used to design homes when I was a little girl and spend hours and hours drawing blueprints of houses. I would imagine how I would design and decorate them to meet the needs of my "clients". Architecture and structures can teach us about so many things...design, function, form, math and measuring, art, culture...the list is endless! I hope some of you decide to be an architect when you get older...and the good news is that you can be one right now!! Keep up your enthusiasm and creativity as we learn about the world around us!