Friday, April 11, 2014

Day of Pink at SSES

Day of Pink ~ Say No to Bullying!
On Tuesday, April 8th, SSES held our Day of Pink!  This day is celebrated across the world to encourage kids and schools to take a stand against bullying.  It was created by a boy who was teased for wearing a pink shirt.  Each class shared their beliefs about kindness and respect.
Thank you to Ms. Milne for organizing a very important day for our school!

Mrs. Torcia's class
~We wait our turn when a friend is talking.~
~Be respectful!~
~Be nice to other people and they will be nice to you!~
~We listen to everyone.~
~We show kindness to friends.~
~Make friends happy!~
~We believe everyone is important.~
~Welcome new friends kindly!~
Mrs. Michaluk's class
~In our class, we believe in kindness and respect!~
~Kindness fills your heart with happiness!~
~We read a book called "One."  It teaches us that it takes just one person to stand up and say no to bullying.~
Ms. Shamanski's class
~We show others they are important by being nice and not leaving others out.~
~We have sharing buddies everyday to get to know everyone!~
Mrs. Arnason & Mrs. Boholji"s class
~Be kind.  If someone is sad, try to cheer them up or ask them to play with you.~
~Don't leave anybody behind and don't leave anyone out of games.~
Mrs. Johannesson's class
~Be kind to each other and show respect.~
~Be a kind friend.~
Mrs. Bergman's Kindergarten class
~Be kind to everybody, not just your friends.~
~Be kind to others.~
~Be nice.~
Mrs. Casper's class
~Respect everybody.~
~Stand up for others.~
Mrs. Magnusson's class
~When someone is being disrespectful, tell an adult.  Stand up for everyone.~
~Respect everybody, not just your friends.~
Mrs. Poloski's class
~In our classroom, we don't support a bully or bullying behavior.  It's cool to stand up for what is right.  We believe in kindness and kindness is free!~
~Being bullied is worse than breaking a bone.  Broken bones heal, but mean words and actions can leave an imprint on a person's heart forever.~
~We try to solve our problems and differences by being calm and respectful.  If you want to be respected you must respect yourself!~
Ms. Dziad's class
~In Room 115, we say no to bullying by creating a classroom family belief.  A classroom family stands up for yourself and others, helps each other out and is nice to everybody.~

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