Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SSES Closing Ceremonies

On Friday, February 21st, SSES celebrated the closing of the Winter Olympics.  You could see our Canadian pride in the sea of red and white!  GO CANADA GO!!!!
Three Ukrainian dance groups performed during the closing ceremonies.  We were so proud of our SSES dancers ~ it was a wonderful way to celebrate!!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Storybook Character Day!

SSES was filled with princesses, LEGO characters, pirates, and other storybook characters today!  Our next big event is on Friday....our Winter Olympics Fun Day and Closing Ceremonies!  GO CANADA GO!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Scientist and Inventor Day at SSES!

If you visit SSES today....you will see scientists, inventors, explorers and children making discoveries!  In fact, you can see that everyday at SSES, but today some of them are dressed up extra special!



Olympic Opening Ceremonies at SSES

written by Tanner ~ Grade 3
On Friday, February 7th the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia officially opened!!!
At SSES, we had our own opening ceremonies.  Each class had a different country.  We dressed up as our country's colour and carried a flag!  We cheered loudly for our team!!!
It was very, very, VERY fun!
It would be great to be an athlete at the Olympics one day!!!
A special thank you to Mrs. Chapnick for organizing and creating such an inspiring afternoon!  The Olympics are a true celebration of unity, sportsmanship  and dreams coming true!


Mr. Peter Bjornson visits SSES for I Love to Read Month!

written by Sidney ~ Grade 4
On Thursday, February 6th, Mr. Peter Bjornson came to our school for I Love to Read month.  He read two amazing books to us that made us think about "inventing your future!"  One of the books was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2."  We got to ask him questions.  I asked him, "What would you invent if you could invent anything?"  He answered, "A machine like Flint Lockwoods.  It gives you food from the sky!"  If I could have asked a second question, I would ask "How would you invent something that could change the future?"  What do you think?
Thank you, Mr. Bjornson for sharing your love of reading with us!

Friday, February 7, 2014

We Love to Read at SSES!!!!

written by David ~ Grade 2
We had our I Love to Read month kick-off on Wednesday.  Mrs. Chapnick pretended to be an inventor!  She had on a wig and funny glasses.  I think the whole school knew it was Mrs. Chapnick.  Even the Kindergartens knew it was Mrs. Chapnick!  She read us "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  Then we got to watch the movie!!!  The movie was really funny.  If my brother saw it, he would laugh really hard! 
We need to read for 100, 000 minutes this month!  We need to read every day!
We love to Read!!!!



Dance Party!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Building an Igloo ~ Mrs. Casper's Grade 3&4 class

written by the students of Room 116

Last week, our class built an igloo with Mr. Welch.  We built the igloo because we were learning about Canada.    The igloo is on the basketball court on our playground behind our school.  Mr. Welch lived in Nunavut for 7 years.  He brought a saw and a machete with him to cut the blocks.  Some people were able to help use these tools and carry them.  He was wearing a seal skin jacket and caribou skin boots.  This kept him very warm!
When we went outside, we saw him cutting the blocks.  He let some of us cut the blocks, too.  The snow was packed hard and was hard to cut with the tools.  Mr. Welch would poke the snow to see if it was hard enough to make a good block.  He tilted the blocks in so that they would stick to the other blocks.  He had to use small and big blocks to create a curved side and roof.  When he put the blocks on, he had to trim the sides.  Mr. Welch said the blocks were about 25 to 30 pounds.  They were heavy!  One piece of a block broke because it was so heavy.  Once we were done a layer, we had to put snow in the cracks. 
Mr. Welch told us that people would use bones or teeth to shape blocks if they didn't have metal.  The igloo took many days to build!  He said that when it was finished, the roof could hold us and even Mr. Welch!  It is a very strong house!  He told us that people would make a bed out of snow.  They would cover it with a fur blanket to make it cozy.

Mr. Welch came and in a spoke about the North. We thought the walrus tusks were neat.  He also brought in seal skin rope.  He showed us cool pictures.  He had a jacket that was made out of seal fur. 

Thank you for making an igloo with us and teaching us about the north!