Friday, January 17, 2014

Enjoying the cold, Manitoba winter at SSES....

Mother Nature has brought frigid temperatures and a true Manitoba blizzard this week.  We are embracing the cold weather and learning about temperature changes, snow art, thunderstorms in January, snow sculpting and structures!  Here's a glimpse at some of the activities....
Hanging up a thermometer to track the chilly weather

Mr. Welch shaping a block of snow to build an igloo with the Grade 3&4s ~ stay tuned for a full blog post next week!

Snow painting in Grade 1&2
We made many discoveries about snow sculpting and mixing colours!

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  1. At SSES, everyday is joyful....even when the temperatures are frigid...and the wind is ferocious. Rather than complain about our nasty, cold, Manitoba weather, (well....maybe we whine just a little bit...especially when it is indoor recess...), we are making attempts to embrace Winter and re-connect to nature, even when it isn't warm and sunny outside. Mr. Welch, our Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten teacher, is helping us do just that with his passion for just about everything wonderful...including learning outside, even in frigid temperatures. It was magical having the students rush to the window during indoor recess when they discovered Mr. Welch building an igloo, and to capture the joy of setting up a thermometer with some of his Kindergarten students one recess. It was also so "cool" to be a part of Mrs. Michaluk's and Mrs. Torcia's snow art experience where all of the Grade 1/2 students were so engaged and enthralled with their designs and being able to manipulate a big bin of snow in their classroom creatively. At SSES, we LOVE Winter...(at least most of the time.)