Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Community Walk ~ Grade 1/2

written by Ellery, Nolan, Owen, Olivia and Brody  Grade 1/2
Our classes went for a community walk.  We brought our cameras, sketch boards and pencils.  We sketched what we saw and our teachers took lots of pictures.  There are many interesting things to see in our community!

I saw the fountain by the boats.  A boat got lifted!  The Subway restaurant was my fav!

We walked by Super A.  We stopped at a lot of benches.  I liked seeing a boat.

I saw the Rec Center.  We also saw the Red Apple.  I saw houses.

I saw the police station.  I saw Red Apple.  I saw the post office and the beach.  The waves were flowing from the water.  The wind was blowing so hard, it made me feel like I was going to fall down!

We wondered what made these tiny footprints on the new boardwalk.

We went on a community walk.  I saw leaves and Super A.  We had to go back early because it started to rain.



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  1. What a wonderful opportunity this was for all of you-to have the chance to view our community and document what you see, hear, and feel as you participated in the walk. It is so cool how you look at things differently when you take the time to observe and chat about things. When I looked at your beautiful pictures, I wanted to know what everybody was thinking and discussing! (I will have to check out your sketch books and documentation artifacts.) You were so lucky to be able to see that huge boat lifted out of the harbour. I wonder what equipment they use to lift such a big, heavy object carefully out of the lake and transport it to storage? I could almost feel the strong wind as I read your observations....Thanks for sharing!! I am so grateful for you and for our community!!