Thursday, September 26, 2013

SSES Terry Fox Walk 2013

Our Terry Fox Walk
written by Arika and Tanner ~ Kindergarten
Last week we went to the gym for our Terry Fox walk.  We walked a lot and we listened to music.  We walked with our class.  We had the walk because Terry Fox died.  He couldn't go across Canada in time.  We brought in money.  Terry Fox couldn't get enough money in time because he was so sick.  Our money will help other people that are sick.
Terry Fox Walk
written by Morgan and Emmalee ~ Grade 1/2
On Thursday, we had our Terry Fox walk.  We brought in a Toonie for Terry!  We walked through Vesturland, past the high school and back through Vesturland.  It is important to walk because we are walking for Terry Fox and to raise money.
Our Terry Fox Walk and Shoreline Clean-Up
written by Owen and Breyden ~ Grade 3/4
The Grade 3/4s went on a shoreline clean-up last week.  It was a part of our Terry Fox walk.  We cleaned up on the streets and at the beach.  We found lots of garbage!  It was awesome!
It is important to take care of our town and each other!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Flower Gardens


written by Patrick   Grade 4
I was part of the Garden Club last spring when I was in Grade 3.  I helped Mrs. Korolyk take the bags of dirt to the flower beds from the green house.  The bags were pretty heavy so we used a wheeler to move them.  We worked a lot!  I took the compost from our compost bin to the flower beds.  We worked up the soil.  We all planted flowers with Mrs. Korolyk and Mrs. Gergatz.  The flowers looked really nice over the summer.

A special thank you to Mrs. Marion Korolyk, Mrs. Ellen Gergatz, Mrs. Sarah Chapnick, the 2013 SSES Garden Club and the many volunteers who looked after our gardens over the summer ~ you created beautiful flower gardens to welcome everyone back to school!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to School BBQ ~ September 2013

written by Rhianne and Mackenzie   Grade 3
Yesterday, SSES had our back to school barbeque.  At the BBQ, there were lots of people.  The playground and the hot dogs were a BIG HIT!  Thank you to the SSES Parent Advisory Council and the Kiwanis Club for making the hot dogs and serving the goodies!  Also, thank you to Super A for donating the food!
Everyone came into the gym and Mitchell announced some of the staff members with Mrs. Cuthbert.  He did a great job!  The BBQ was lots of fun!
When it was over, the kids wished that there would be another BBQ next year!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome back!

SSES was filled with the sounds of excitement and anticipation this morning as we began our new school year!  We are looking forward to welcoming our Kindergarten students tomorrow!
A new year brings new discoveries, new friends and endless possibilities!  Thank you for joining us on our journey....please stop by often to read new posts and photos of our Life at SSES!
Wishing everyone a fabulous September ~ we hope to see you at our Back to School BBQ on Tuesday, September 10th from 5-7pm!