Friday, May 3, 2013

Tucker's Dad visits the Grade 2s

written by the Grade 2s

Tucker’s Dad came to our school today.  He came to share about his job.  We are learning about different jobs and different people in grade 2. 
Tucker’s Dad is a carpenter and he builds houses.  He also builds garages.  He brought a skidsteer.  He brought a trailer full of his cool tools.  He had a hammer, a vacuum, a stapler, a welder, a nailer, a tape measurer, pliers, a jack hammer, a saw and a whole pile of nails.  He has a chest plate.  It is to protect him from getting hurt.  He had pencils to use for drawing and tracing things.  He does lots of Math every day. 
Tucker’s Dad brought in gold for us to feel.  Some of the gold was fool’s gold.  It is really called pyrite. He is not a gold miner, but he cleans up the holes from mining.  He makes the hole safe again.  He got a piece of gold from a geologist. 
He gave us yellow and orange hard hats.  We also got Kinder eggs!  He brought one of his co-workers, Danny, with him.  At the end, we had a group picture. 

Thank you, Ryan for showing us the rocks and telling us about your job.

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  1. Thank you Grade 2's for sharing this fascinating visit! Tucker's Dad has such an important job and he has to know a lot of Math and other important skills to do his work. I bet many of you would love to use the cool tools he has in his trailer to help him on his job. Having a chest plate is a great idea because I would imagine that sometimes his work could be dangerous. It would be fascinating to work with geologists when he is cleaning up mine sites. I wonder what other minerals or rocks he will discover? I taught Tucker's Dad when he was in Grade 4 and I am so proud of him. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule as a carpenter, businessman, and Dad Mr. Knutson! Please come and visit us again soon.