Thursday, May 23, 2013

Planting our Crop Gardens

written by Mitchell and Mackenzie
Grade 2
Last week, the grade 2s planted wheat with Mrs. Chapnick.  We planted the wheat in the crop bed.  We also planted with our volunteer, Mrs. Johnson. 
We needed to put the seeds in little holes so that they wouldn't be too close.  If they were too close, their roots would get tangled.  We dropped the seeds through the holes.  They almost looked like popcorn seeds and they were brownish beige.  We got to plant twice because there were so many seeds.
We learned about planting a crop!  It was fun!

written by Ava and Daemyn
Grade 3
Last week, the grade 3s planted wheat.  We had to use this thing to put the wheat in the soil.  It was a big piece of cardboard.  There were spaced out holes.  This was to keep the seeds in rows.  We hope we can make flour in the fall.  Maybe we can make bread or cookies.
It was fun planting the wheat.  It was just like planting at a farm.


  1. Wow! I bet you will have a great crop this year! Good job working together. Won't it be fun watching it all grow!

  2. What a fantastic idea to use cardboard to space the seeds. Mrs. Chapnick is not just an amazing teacher, she is brilliant! I can't wait to watch this crop grow. I wonder if it will be as tall as last year's crop? If we compare last year's growing season (temperature, frost, rainfall, sunshine) with this year's, as well as recording the amount of water we used to water, I wonder what we would discover? Something to think about and to research. Some of our local farmers may know the answers to some of these questions. I also wonder if the bread you will make after you winnow the wheat in the fall will be as delicious....and what kind of homemade jam we might have....and if you are going to remember to invite me!!! Thank you Grade 3's for making a difference at SSES!