Thursday, May 2, 2013

Manitoba Schools Science Symposium

Five students from SSES participated in the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium last week!  We are so very proud of them!!!

Matthew and Taylor's project on "The Brain" earned them a bronze medal.  They conducted an experiment to find out if more people are left or right brain people.  They found out that the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body.  More people use their right side ~ therefore, they concluded that more people are left brained.  They also learned the various parts of the brain and the jobs of each part.  On judging day, they were a little nervous, but excited.  On Friday, they had fun doing the activities.  They were both so happy that they won a bronze medal!  Congratulations, Matthew and Taylor!  Your project was very interesting and informative!

Jasmine and Mya's experiment, "Growing Crystals," earned them a silver medal.  They grew sugar crystals and salt crystals.  They learned that coal and amber are 2 different types of rocks.  They thought that going to the Symposium was fun.  It was complicated at first because they had to build a rocket and a catapult for their Science activities.  Their rocket went 64 feet and their catapult went 22 feet.  They worked together with Lexy, Lexy's mom and Mya's auntie.  They also worked with two girls from Dr. George Johnson Middle School.  The second day was all judging.  The girls thought that the judging was a little nervewracking.  Two judges came to their project.  They were very nice and asked questions.  The girls were so excited because when the judging was finished, they got to go on a shopping spree!!!!  On Sunday, they presented the medals.  Mya and Jasmine said it was pretty cool to hear their names called for silver.  They were ecstatic!  Congratulations, girls!  We are so proud of you!

Lexy's project was called "Germs are Everywhere."  She collected various samples from around the school and learned that germs really are everywhere!  Lexy earned a bronze medal for her project.  It will be showcased at Oak Hammock Marsh in the next few weeks.  Lexy was excited and nervous all at the same time.  She was asked questions by the judges and many people walked through the Symposium.  She was excited to tell them about her project.  She said she was surprised when they called her name on Sunday.  She was also very proud.  So are we, Lexy!!!

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  1. Congratulations Matthew, Taylor, Jasmine, Mya and Lexy! I am so incredibly proud of you and so grateful that you have had this incredible learning opportunity. I also want to thank your teachers, Mrs. Michelle Poloski and Mrs. Della Magnusson, as well as your parents and caregivers, for supporting you on this journey. I have had the good fortune to attend the Manitoba School Science Symposium as a parent on two occasions with my daughters a few years ago, and I was so impressed. Science is everywhere and is all around us, and the outstanding projects you completed on The Brain, Crystals, and Germs not only have taught us important information, but will motivate us as a school to learn even more. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you became scientists, geologists, or doctors because of your learning experience. Congratulations to you and to our entire school for their outstanding projects and learning activities. Thank you to Mrs. Poloski and Mrs. Magnusson for organizing this important event, and to Mrs. Michaluk for helping us to showcase and celebrate it with the blog and the video. Thanks also to our judges, Mrs. Marion Korolyk, Ms. Gillian Chapnick, and Mrs. Susan Hjorleifson!