Friday, April 5, 2013

It's a little "sticky" in Kindergarten!!!

Ms. Lewis' Kindergarten class welcomed their new stick bug friends on Monday.  They have already learned so many new things about stick bugs!!!

Stick bugs eat lettuce. ~ Peyton

Stick bugs are camouflaged. ~ Jenifer

That means they blend in. ~ Rayna

They drink water. ~ Emmalee and Keira and Aurora

They look like sticks. ~ Ava M.

They don't bite! ~ Erik

They crawl around.  We think their toes are sticky. ~ Thomas

They need sticks to climb on. ~ Kaitlyn

They can walk on people.  We haven't tried that yet.

They eat raspberry leaves. ~ Olivia

They are herbivores. ~ Duncan

The longest stick bug is 36 cm long!

We've estimated how many stick bugs we have.  Ms. Lewis thinks we have 7 or 8.

They can breathe through the holes at the top of the cage. ~ Ava B.

Their legs look like the number 7. ~ Thomas

They can escape. ~ Peyton

It is fun to have stick bugs! ~ Ava M. and Jenifer

Stick bugs don't naturally belong in Manitoba, but we can have them as pets.

They can cause damage to trees and plants if they get outside. 
We will be very careful with our stick bug friends!

We made pictures and wrotes sentences about our observations and discoveries about stick bugs. 

We are becoming stick bug experts!!!!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe what incredible researchers and scientists you are already...and you're only in Kindergarten!! I am so impressed and I learned so much about stick bugs from your research and observations. Thomas mentioned that you think their toes might be sticky...I will have to check this out on my next visit! I didn't know that stick bugs are not in Manitoba naturally and that they would harm the trees and plants in our environment if they got out. I wonder why? I think I need to come and learn more about these amazing creatures from all of you experts!! Thanks for sharing your learning with us in your post. Your pictures are absolutely amazing!!!