Friday, April 26, 2013

Canada's Ladies Olympic Basketball Coach visits SSES

written by Indiana
SSES Blogger

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting the coach of the Canadian Ladies' Olympic Wheelchair Basketball team.  It was a nice experience.  We learned that even if you are in a wheelchair, you can participate in all of the sports that able bodied people can do.  The Paraolympics are held right after the Olympic Games.  Para means parallel to the able bodied Olympics...meaning the same sports, similar places and the same team spirit.  The Paraolympics and the Olympics give ALL people the chance to shine! 
Even if you are able bodied, you can be involved in wheelchair sports, too.  It was cool because the teachers played a game of

wheelchair basketball.  The crowd was loud with cheers.  Some kids were able to try out wheelchair basketball and noodle tag during the assembly.  The wheelchairs stayed at our school for a week.  We really enjoyed using the wheelchairs in gym class.  We played basketball using a bucket instead of the hoops because we are not professionals.  While we were in the wheelchairs, we wished that we could play wheelchair sports on a daily basis.  It was very good exercise for our arms and our core (stomach muscles.)
This was one of the best experiences of 2013!!!

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  1. Thank you Indiana for doing such an outstanding job of presenting this important presentation. Your post was so informative and well written that it could be published in a newspaper or in Macleans!! (Have you ever considered being a journalist or a news reporter as a career?) This was an amazing learning experience for SSES and provided an opportunity to learn about different Olympic sports and competitions. Playing in the actual wheelchairs further demonstrates the challenge and physical strength and skill required. Thank you Mrs. Chapnick for making this tremendous experience possible for SSES!