Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Grade 3s visit Cornerstone

written by Kiorra, Ryder, Daemyn and Nayeli

The Grade 3s are part of the environment club.  Every week we go to different classrooms and pick up their recycling.  We empty out the juice boxes and cups and bag up all of the recycling.  We went to see where all of the recycling goes.  It goes to Cornerstone.

There was a glass crusher.  They had to wear a leather jacket, gloves and goggles to protect them from the glass.  When we went into a room, we saw them fold paper and put it into a giant box.  The forklift moves the giant boxes.  There was a cardboard crusher, too.  They also had a meeting room and it even had a Wii!  Garisen's Mom works at Cornerstone.  We got to see her on our visit.  We saw recycled bales.  They are made of recycled materials.  Recycled materials are used to make other things like shirts, fishing buoys and new bottles.

Recycling is really important.  We don't want our country to turn into a wasteland.  We need to take care of our Earth.  It was a fun trip!

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  1. Thank you to Mrs. Chapnick, Mrs. Casper, and Mrs. Gibson for organizing this important visit to our very own Cornerstone. Thank you to Garisen's Mom, Heather McNeill, for taking our school on these tours and teaching us about the importance of recycling. Your tips on how to be better recylers are helping us to do an even better job at home, at school, and in our community. I went last year with the Grade 3's and I learned sooooo much. It was really a cool place. (I especially loved the tin can "wall".) Thank you to the Grade 3 Environment Club for making our school and our world a better place!