Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Franklin's Adventure to Churchill ~ Ms. Lewis' Kindergarten Class

Franklin went on a great adventure with Kyle's grandparents, Nana Sheila and Schrumpa.  He went on a long road trip with them to Thompson, Manitoba.  He then took a train to Churchill, Manitoba where he spent two months exploring!!!  Through emails, postcards and pictures, Franklin showed us the interesting things that he saw such as caribou, arctic foxes, swans, arctic hare, polar bears and seals.  We learned about the weather and the community of Churchill.  Nana Sheila and Schrumpa also visited the Kindergarten class in Churchill and now we are pen pals with Mrs. Berg's Kindergarten class.  It was so much fun receiving postcards and presents sent from Nana Sheila, Schrumpa and Franklin!!!  We had a welcome home party for them when they came home at the end of November.  We made them cookies and milk and gave them presents.  Mrs. Berg's Kindergarten class sent their stuffed bear, Garde home with Nana Sheila to learn about our community.  We can't wait to share with them!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing Franklin's discovery of Churchill. The video was absolutely amazing! We really enjoyed seeing the pictures of polar bears and arctic foxes, not to mention all the cool places Franklin got to sit!
    Mrs. Johannesson's Grade 2 Class

  2. Wow! This is amazing. I feel like I have travelled to Thompson and to Churchill just by looking at these amazing photos! (I would love to go there some day but to live there must be expensive as I noticed the high prices on their groceries. )Thanks so much to Nana Sheila and Schrumpa for your dedicated and talented efforts to create this incredible experience. Kyle-you have very talented and creative grandparents and I hope we can be involved in some more of their travels in the future. Do you think they would take me with them? They seem like they know how to explore and have fun!
    It is also so exciting that Franklin was able to visit a Kindergarten class in Churchill and help initiate a new friendship with them. I can't wait to hear more news from Churchill. I love how you held a welcome back party for Franklin and his travel partners. The cookies looked delicious. Thanks so much to Nana Sheila, Schrumpa, Kyle, Ms. Lewis, and Mrs. Michaluk for all of your work to make this dynamic learning opportunity a reality!! Our school is so lucky.