Friday, November 2, 2012

Rock Discoveries in Grade 1

We have fun with rocks!  We look at them under the microscope.  One of the rocks looked like it had bugs in it under the microscope.  ~ Jodie

I like rocks.  They are smooth. ~ Aidan

We wrote about rocks.  We also drew pictures of rocks.  We were like Scientists.  ~ Ben

Rocks can be smooth or bumpy.  ~ Isabelle

Rocks can be different colours. ~ Haden

Rocks can be smooth.

I like rocks because we have fun with them.  ~ Chayse

I like rocks because they can be pointy, smooth, big or small.  You can skip nice smooth rocks across the water.  ~ Anika

We have gold rocks that could break.  ~ Ryan

We drew rocks like scientists on our poster boards.  ~ Morgan

Rocks are colorful! ~ David

I like rocks because you can push your memories into them.  ~ Keira

I like holding rocks. ~ Oscar

I like sparkly rocks. ~ Zion

The rocks are cool! ~ Jayden

Bugs can hide under rocks and they are called hiding rocks.  I have some in my garden. ~ Blaze

Sometimes worms come up when you move a rock.  I pick the worms up. ~ Sam

Rocks are bumpy.  Sometimes they have smooth holes. ~ Nolan

Rocks are soft. ~ Bryce

Sometimes rocks can be sharp. ~ Kiana

You can make necklaces with rocks. ~ Parker

Trucks can haul rocks. ~ Dhaytyn

Rocks are big and bumpy. ~ Jackson


  1. i love your video it is awsome

  2. This video is amazing! I think rocks are absolutely fascinating and I enjoyed reading all of your detailed descriptions. I remember long ago when there was a trend to have a "Pet Rock". I didn't have one but I wonder if any of your parents did? I collect heart shaped rocks because my daughter Ali started giving them to me when she discovered them on her walks along the beach. Maybe I can bring them to school one day to share them with you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jasmin (Maya's Mom)