Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mrs. Poloski's Grade 4 Habitats

Our Habitat Projects ~ written by Taylor ~ SSES Blogger

Our classroom did habitat projects.  We chose our top 3 habitats that we wanted to do.  Mrs. Poloski chose one of our top 3 habitats for us to do.  After Mrs. Poloski chose our habitats, we chose our animal in our habitat.  We learned about food chains and we learned about adaptations.  There are two adaptations - behaviour and physical adaptations.  I loved researching about my animal!

Creating our Habitats ~ written by Harris ~ SSES Blogger

We got our shoe boxes and brought in materials to make our habitats.  After we got the materials, we started to make our projects.  We had to have our animal in the habitat.  After that we were finished.  The grade ones and twos came in and did a gallery walk and looked at our projects.  At parent teacher, we put our projects in the hall for our parents to look at.  All of our parents enjoyed them and admired them! 

We learned about many different kinds of habitats!

Presenting our projects to our classmates.....

Sharing our projects with the Grade 1s and 2s.  They loved our Habitat Projects!


  1. Your habitat projects are fantastic!!! You must be so proud. Way to go, Grade 4s!

  2. Thank you for inviting us to learn about your animal habitats. We think that you all worked really hard on your projects. They all looked fabulous! Great job!!! ~Mrs. Johannesson's Grade 2 Class

  3. Congratulations on doing such a great job on your habitat projects Grade 4's! They are beautifully created and very detailed. Thank you for sharing!!