Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Learning Journey in Grade 1.....

written by Mrs. Arnason/Mrs. Isfeld's and Mrs. Michaluk's Grade 1 classes

Discovery Bins

We found beach glass.  I liked the seashells!  I liked the driftwood and the ones that look like coral.  I liked searching for the little people.  I liked finding the blue beach glass!

We love our new Netbooks!

I like going on Starfall.  I like playing on the netbooks.  I like going on KidPix because it is fun.  I like reading the books from the library on RazKids.  I like choosing different colors, things and stuff on KidPix.

Our Creativity and Discovery Tables

I like using the magnifying glass to look at all of the stuff.  I like the little diamonds.  I like making things for my Grandma.  I like knitting at the Creativity Table.  It is cool and fun.  I like using the blue magnifying glasses.  You can make something for your Mom or Dad and it could be a surprise.

Our new light table.....amazing discoveries await us!

I am excited to play on it.  I like putting different colored pieces together to make different colors.  I like the light table because you can put the magic bags on it and sort the correct colors on the correct bags.  The light table looks cool!  I like to put the blue on the red to make purple. 


  1. Learning in Grade 1 looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing some of the different centers you have been working with. The Light table looks like a lot of fun.
    Happy Learning!

  2. Very cool guys! Looks like Grade 1 is off to a wonderful, educational, fun start. I am looking forward to seeing and reading about more of your adventures!

  3. The light table is a lot of FUN

  4. your journey looked super fun!:)

  5. looks fun I wish I could be there!:)