Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Trip to the New Iceland Heritage Museum

The grade 3 classes visited the New Iceland Heritage Museum throughout the school year.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students!

The first time we visited the Gimli Icelandic Museum, we learned about DNA and proper hand washing.  It was really gross when we extracted banana DNA.  It felt gooey and squishy!  We loved making the DNA candy structures because it was delicious work and it was the best work ever!  We also learned that our hands are very germy places.  We liked when we had to put powder on our hands and then we had to wash our hands and see if all of the germs were gone.  We used a special flashlight to see if there were any disgusting gross germs left.  We loved this field trip to the museum.  It was awesome!
by Kenna and Avery

We went to the museum in Gimli.  We went there and learned about germs and DNA.  Everyone has the same DNA, but some of it is different.  Your DNA is like a ladder but twisted.  Your body makes its own DNA.  You can get germs anywhere!  Always wash your hands before doing anything.  At the museum, we washed our hands and then we rubbed this lotion on our hands.  They took a flash light to see if our hands were still dirty.  We also got to make our own DNA.  It was fun learning about it!

by Hannah C.

On our second field trip to the Gimli Icelandic Museum we learned about Vikings, Viking Runes and the Icelandic settlement in Gimli.  We loved getting the rocks for our runes and writing our names in Viking language.  When we went there, we tasted two Icelandic foods.  One was named shortbread and the other was ponnukkurs.  The shortbread was different, but the ponnukkurs were AWESOME!  Yummy!  We went to the Gimli Visitor Centre and there was a fish tank that had a catfish named Chuck.  We had to find Chuck and everyone found him.  It was cool!
We LOVED dressing up like Vikings, but their clothing was really big, fluffy and heavy. It was exciting.  We got out picture taken beside the Viking statue. 
We learned that if a Viking had 2 sons....1 son would be a Viking and the other would take over the farm.  If they had a daughter, she would go and marry someone.  We went to where they buried a replica of a Viking ship and learned that there was a time capsule in it.  But the time capsule is too old to be dug up.

by Johannah and Lexy

We went to the Icelandic Museum.  We dressed up as Vikings.  We looked cool!  We learned that the Vikings had to steal to survive.  I hope we go again!

by Karsen

On our third visit to the Gimli Icelandic Museum we made Viking names.  My Viking name was Jon the Indestructable Thorsson.  Erik's Viking name was Erik the Hothead Thorsson.  It was really awesome!  Then we learned about Icelandic rocks that really rocked!  We got to see lava bombs, "aka" frozen magma.  That was really exciting!  We also learned about the life cycle of lava.  First a rock breaks, then it builds itself into a crystal.  It turns into magma and finally as the magma gets hotter and hotter, it turns into lava.  We also learned that there is one big active volcano in Iceland.  We got to touch and explore lots of cool rocks and we even touched hardened lava.  We looked at the museum displays of rocks and volcanoes.  We thought it was super!

by Erik and Taylor

We went to the Icelandic Museum.  We learned that there are all kinds of Icelandic rocks in Iceland.  I hope we go again!

by Tommy and Zach

Our Grade 3 classes


  1. avery and taylorsJune 21, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    The field trips were fun avery. taylors said that was fun and i hope we go there in grade 3 and all of you around the viking looks so cool

  2. Wow looks like fun I wish I could go there one day!!!!!