Friday, June 22, 2012

Grade 2 Field Trip to Boonstra Farms

The Grade 2 classes visited Boonstra Farms yesterday.  We had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy a "day at the farm!"  A big thank you to our parent volunteers for joining us on our farm adventure!

It was so much fun feeding the horses. ~ Ava

I liked petting the ducks. ~ Dylan

I liked petting the ducklings. ~ Reeve

I liked the Fox Tower.  I liked the toilet chair! ~ Anika

I liked the Great Buffalo Rock.  ~ Patrick

The horse's name was Cocoa. ~ Kyra

I liked the hay maze because I got to go on top of the hay bales. ~ Nathan

It was funny when the goat bit my hand. ~ Sidney

I liked the play structure.  I liked the spinner! ~ Bailey

I liked the playground best. ~ Connor

I liked going on the motorcycle. ~ Josh

The kittens liked nibbling at my hands. ~ Renee

I liked petting the kittens and going on the play structure. ~ Ryder

I liked the hay ride because you got to sit on a bale. ~ Garisen

I liked the Black Hole, it made me feel sick! ~ Embla

I liked the old cars at the playground. ~ Tanner

When I looked at the kittens it reminded me of my kitten. ~ Zach

I liked the Black Hole and the kittens. ~ Zack

I really liked the petting zoo and petting the kittens. ~ Alyssa

I liked milking Bessie the Cow.  I liked the Black Hole because it felt like you were walking upside down. ~ Keenan

It was wonderful to see everyone getting along so well, everyone learning so many new things and enjoying nature. ~ Mrs. Arnason

I loved seeing the smiles on everyone's faces!  It was a wonderful day!!! ~ Mrs. Michaluk

There was a tunnel of sticks on our nature walk and we got to go through it! ~ Nayeli

When I went in the Black Hole it felt like I was upside down. ~ Taylor S.

I liked the kittens because they liked me. ~ Luke

I liked the Black Hole when it was spinning.  ~ Jager

I liked picking up the kittens and petting them. ~ Danalee

I liked the play structure the best! ~ Hannah

I liked the hay pyramids. I kept climbing to the top and jumping off! ~ Logan

I liked the Black Hole because it was fun.  It made you feel like you were upside down. ~ Leah

I liked the petting zoo and I liked feeding the goats. ~ Breyden


  1. It looks like you had a great time on your feild trip!!!!!!

  2. Brennan's MomJune 26, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    Brennan said he liked the tractor!