Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farewell to our Grade 4 students....

As we say farewell to our Grade 4 classes......they have shared some of their favorite memories of their years at SSES.......

 I had fun planting plants in the garden ~ Jaxon
I enjoyed doing all of the art projects throughout the year. ~ Lief
 I had lots of fun doing art with Heidi Hunter. ~ Johl
I had fun at the Childrens Museum. I also had fun selling items at the garage sale and learrning about Rocks and Minerals. I had fun at SSES! ~ Brock
 I had fun at SSES. I loved planting in the gardens and going on field trips! ~ Erika
My favorite field trip of the year was going to the Childrens Museum! ~ Justin S.
I really liked being a seller at the garage sale. I also had fun going to Betel. ~ Jason
I liked learning about Habitats and The North. I also had fun with my teacher Mrs. Casper ~ Thor
 I wish I could stay at SSES!!! ~ Dylan P.
Jaden~I had fun playing games with the seniors at Betel. ~ Jaden
SSES is cool! ~ Timothy
I had fun at the Childrens Museum in the Lasagna Lookout Tower. ~ Dylan A.
I liked the field trips. ~ Justin R.
I had fun at Betel. ~ Kolby
I liked Grade 4 because I got to learn new things. ~ Madison
Sigrid~I had fun at the Childrens Museum and painting my rock. ~ Sigrid
I had a really fun time reading to the kindergartens and doing handwriting. ~ Brady
My favorite part was meeting my new teacher and studying India. ~ Kennedy
Brooklyn~I had fun at the Childrens Museum and when we went to Betel. ~ Brooklyn
I had fun at the Childrens Museum! ~ Soren
Grade 4 was a fun year! ~ Tyson

My favourite moment is starting school at SSES.  It was a time I’ll never forget! ~ Owen
My teacher is awesome! ~ Brock
I am going to miss all of the friends I have met and all the teachers from SSES! ~Jasmin
My teacher is awesome!!  ~ Journey
All the friends that I have made. ~ Maggie
Meeting all of the new people. ~ Logan
Getting smarter. ~ Seth
I enjoyed all of the Fun Days!! ~ Emma
Going in the big tent for Haiti and then donating it. ~ Clayton
The first day of school!  ~ Dalton
I had fun at SSES.  I will miss all of the teachers and my principal. ~ Emily
I liked when we made crystals in Science and all of the rocks and sound centers ~ Summer
When they made Mr. Kustiak eat crickets because we read enough books. ~ Jon
I liked when we went to the Children’s Museum. ~ Amber
I liked when we had a pancake breakfast!  ~ Evan
My favourite memory was when Mr. Kustiak dressed up as Hannah Montana!  ~ Ariel
I really liked Subway day!!  I will really miss SSES even though I have only been here for 1 year.  ~ Connor
I really liked going to SSES because of all the stuff we did and the friends I made. ~ Ty
I really liked going to the IMAX in grade 3!  ~ Jager
The science experiments that we did in Light was lots of fun! ~ Peter
Garage sale!!  The cookies and cupcakes were yummy and we raised a lot of money for Zamir!!  ~ Shaleigh
The first day of Kindergarten was a success because I met new friends!  ~ Blake
On the first day of school I made new friends and great teachers and I am still friends with those kids!  ~ Destiny
My favourite was when we had the French toast breakfasts! ~ Riley
Making friends at SSES.  They helped me learn how to speak English.  ~ Mikael

Good luck in Grade 5!  We will miss you.....have a wonderful summer!


  1. OMG miss everyone already and we just got out of school!!!!!

  2. thank you to all the staff and students that help make sses a great scool