Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farewell to our Grade 4 students....

As we say farewell to our Grade 4 classes......they have shared some of their favorite memories of their years at SSES.......

 I had fun planting plants in the garden ~ Jaxon
I enjoyed doing all of the art projects throughout the year. ~ Lief
 I had lots of fun doing art with Heidi Hunter. ~ Johl
I had fun at the Childrens Museum. I also had fun selling items at the garage sale and learrning about Rocks and Minerals. I had fun at SSES! ~ Brock
 I had fun at SSES. I loved planting in the gardens and going on field trips! ~ Erika
My favorite field trip of the year was going to the Childrens Museum! ~ Justin S.
I really liked being a seller at the garage sale. I also had fun going to Betel. ~ Jason
I liked learning about Habitats and The North. I also had fun with my teacher Mrs. Casper ~ Thor
 I wish I could stay at SSES!!! ~ Dylan P.
Jaden~I had fun playing games with the seniors at Betel. ~ Jaden
SSES is cool! ~ Timothy
I had fun at the Childrens Museum in the Lasagna Lookout Tower. ~ Dylan A.
I liked the field trips. ~ Justin R.
I had fun at Betel. ~ Kolby
I liked Grade 4 because I got to learn new things. ~ Madison
Sigrid~I had fun at the Childrens Museum and painting my rock. ~ Sigrid
I had a really fun time reading to the kindergartens and doing handwriting. ~ Brady
My favorite part was meeting my new teacher and studying India. ~ Kennedy
Brooklyn~I had fun at the Childrens Museum and when we went to Betel. ~ Brooklyn
I had fun at the Childrens Museum! ~ Soren
Grade 4 was a fun year! ~ Tyson

My favourite moment is starting school at SSES.  It was a time I’ll never forget! ~ Owen
My teacher is awesome! ~ Brock
I am going to miss all of the friends I have met and all the teachers from SSES! ~Jasmin
My teacher is awesome!!  ~ Journey
All the friends that I have made. ~ Maggie
Meeting all of the new people. ~ Logan
Getting smarter. ~ Seth
I enjoyed all of the Fun Days!! ~ Emma
Going in the big tent for Haiti and then donating it. ~ Clayton
The first day of school!  ~ Dalton
I had fun at SSES.  I will miss all of the teachers and my principal. ~ Emily
I liked when we made crystals in Science and all of the rocks and sound centers ~ Summer
When they made Mr. Kustiak eat crickets because we read enough books. ~ Jon
I liked when we went to the Children’s Museum. ~ Amber
I liked when we had a pancake breakfast!  ~ Evan
My favourite memory was when Mr. Kustiak dressed up as Hannah Montana!  ~ Ariel
I really liked Subway day!!  I will really miss SSES even though I have only been here for 1 year.  ~ Connor
I really liked going to SSES because of all the stuff we did and the friends I made. ~ Ty
I really liked going to the IMAX in grade 3!  ~ Jager
The science experiments that we did in Light was lots of fun! ~ Peter
Garage sale!!  The cookies and cupcakes were yummy and we raised a lot of money for Zamir!!  ~ Shaleigh
The first day of Kindergarten was a success because I met new friends!  ~ Blake
On the first day of school I made new friends and great teachers and I am still friends with those kids!  ~ Destiny
My favourite was when we had the French toast breakfasts! ~ Riley
Making friends at SSES.  They helped me learn how to speak English.  ~ Mikael

Good luck in Grade 5!  We will miss you.....have a wonderful summer!

Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Annual SSES Super Run

SSES Running Club 2012

It was a day of celebration at SSES on Friday!  The SSES running club ran in their first ever Super Run.  All 37 runners completed the 2.6 mile run with enthusiasm and bright smiles!  The entire school cheered on the runners with signs, streamers, cheers and support! 
A special thank you to Mrs. Magnusson for her dedication to the running club and for training with the students over the past two months.  Thank you to Mrs. Chapnick, Mrs. Thordarson, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Affleck and Mrs. Johnson for helping out with the Super Run ~ you helped make it such a huge success!

Congratulations to all of the runners!!!

Cheering for our runners!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Grade 2 Field Trip to Boonstra Farms

The Grade 2 classes visited Boonstra Farms yesterday.  We had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy a "day at the farm!"  A big thank you to our parent volunteers for joining us on our farm adventure!

It was so much fun feeding the horses. ~ Ava

I liked petting the ducks. ~ Dylan

I liked petting the ducklings. ~ Reeve

I liked the Fox Tower.  I liked the toilet chair! ~ Anika

I liked the Great Buffalo Rock.  ~ Patrick

The horse's name was Cocoa. ~ Kyra

I liked the hay maze because I got to go on top of the hay bales. ~ Nathan

It was funny when the goat bit my hand. ~ Sidney

I liked the play structure.  I liked the spinner! ~ Bailey

I liked the playground best. ~ Connor

I liked going on the motorcycle. ~ Josh

The kittens liked nibbling at my hands. ~ Renee

I liked petting the kittens and going on the play structure. ~ Ryder

I liked the hay ride because you got to sit on a bale. ~ Garisen

I liked the Black Hole, it made me feel sick! ~ Embla

I liked the old cars at the playground. ~ Tanner

When I looked at the kittens it reminded me of my kitten. ~ Zach

I liked the Black Hole and the kittens. ~ Zack

I really liked the petting zoo and petting the kittens. ~ Alyssa

I liked milking Bessie the Cow.  I liked the Black Hole because it felt like you were walking upside down. ~ Keenan

It was wonderful to see everyone getting along so well, everyone learning so many new things and enjoying nature. ~ Mrs. Arnason

I loved seeing the smiles on everyone's faces!  It was a wonderful day!!! ~ Mrs. Michaluk

There was a tunnel of sticks on our nature walk and we got to go through it! ~ Nayeli

When I went in the Black Hole it felt like I was upside down. ~ Taylor S.

I liked the kittens because they liked me. ~ Luke

I liked the Black Hole when it was spinning.  ~ Jager

I liked picking up the kittens and petting them. ~ Danalee

I liked the play structure the best! ~ Hannah

I liked the hay pyramids. I kept climbing to the top and jumping off! ~ Logan

I liked the Black Hole because it was fun.  It made you feel like you were upside down. ~ Leah

I liked the petting zoo and I liked feeding the goats. ~ Breyden

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Trip to the New Iceland Heritage Museum

The grade 3 classes visited the New Iceland Heritage Museum throughout the school year.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students!

The first time we visited the Gimli Icelandic Museum, we learned about DNA and proper hand washing.  It was really gross when we extracted banana DNA.  It felt gooey and squishy!  We loved making the DNA candy structures because it was delicious work and it was the best work ever!  We also learned that our hands are very germy places.  We liked when we had to put powder on our hands and then we had to wash our hands and see if all of the germs were gone.  We used a special flashlight to see if there were any disgusting gross germs left.  We loved this field trip to the museum.  It was awesome!
by Kenna and Avery

We went to the museum in Gimli.  We went there and learned about germs and DNA.  Everyone has the same DNA, but some of it is different.  Your DNA is like a ladder but twisted.  Your body makes its own DNA.  You can get germs anywhere!  Always wash your hands before doing anything.  At the museum, we washed our hands and then we rubbed this lotion on our hands.  They took a flash light to see if our hands were still dirty.  We also got to make our own DNA.  It was fun learning about it!

by Hannah C.

On our second field trip to the Gimli Icelandic Museum we learned about Vikings, Viking Runes and the Icelandic settlement in Gimli.  We loved getting the rocks for our runes and writing our names in Viking language.  When we went there, we tasted two Icelandic foods.  One was named shortbread and the other was ponnukkurs.  The shortbread was different, but the ponnukkurs were AWESOME!  Yummy!  We went to the Gimli Visitor Centre and there was a fish tank that had a catfish named Chuck.  We had to find Chuck and everyone found him.  It was cool!
We LOVED dressing up like Vikings, but their clothing was really big, fluffy and heavy. It was exciting.  We got out picture taken beside the Viking statue. 
We learned that if a Viking had 2 sons....1 son would be a Viking and the other would take over the farm.  If they had a daughter, she would go and marry someone.  We went to where they buried a replica of a Viking ship and learned that there was a time capsule in it.  But the time capsule is too old to be dug up.

by Johannah and Lexy

We went to the Icelandic Museum.  We dressed up as Vikings.  We looked cool!  We learned that the Vikings had to steal to survive.  I hope we go again!

by Karsen

On our third visit to the Gimli Icelandic Museum we made Viking names.  My Viking name was Jon the Indestructable Thorsson.  Erik's Viking name was Erik the Hothead Thorsson.  It was really awesome!  Then we learned about Icelandic rocks that really rocked!  We got to see lava bombs, "aka" frozen magma.  That was really exciting!  We also learned about the life cycle of lava.  First a rock breaks, then it builds itself into a crystal.  It turns into magma and finally as the magma gets hotter and hotter, it turns into lava.  We also learned that there is one big active volcano in Iceland.  We got to touch and explore lots of cool rocks and we even touched hardened lava.  We looked at the museum displays of rocks and volcanoes.  We thought it was super!

by Erik and Taylor

We went to the Icelandic Museum.  We learned that there are all kinds of Icelandic rocks in Iceland.  I hope we go again!

by Tommy and Zach

Our Grade 3 classes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Look at our gardens grow.....

The wet spring weather has helped our gardens flourish!  Now we just need a little bit of sun from Mother Nature!  Our crop gardens of wheat and oats are growing quickly and we have even harvested some radishes from our Greenhouse gardens!

Freshly Weeded

Our crop gardens ~ planted by the Grade 3s

Delicious lettuce

Bright red radishes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grade 1 Field Trip to Boonstra Farms

The Grade 1s went to Boonstra Farms for our field trip this year.  It was a rainy, chilly day, but we had a fantastic time!!!  Thank you to our parent volunteers who joined us for our farm adventure!

My favorite part was when we were in the maze and we got to go on top of the maze.  There was a bridge and we got to crawl over the bridge and under it.  I can't wait to go there again. ~ Cade

I liked the black hole because it felt like I was sideways.  I can't wait to go back to the black hole again. ~ Geir

I liked giving the kittens milk. ~ Tyra

I liked going to the black hole. ~ Adam

I liked milking the cows because it was my first time. ~ Ryan

A black bunny and a white bunny liked me!  I can't wait to hold another bunny. ~ Brady M.

I liked feeding the horse grain because it was fun.  The horse's mouth tickled me! ~ Amber

The black bunny liked biting my jacket. ~ Jacob

I liked the black hole and I liked the geese.  The hay maze was fun. ~ Tucker

I liked petting the white goose. ~ Nate

I liked feeding the horse because it was sucking my pinky. ~ Autumn

I liked going on the big duck slide. ~ Klara

I liked the black hole and the hay ride because they were really fun.  The hay ride was really bumpy. The black hole made me feel like I was upside down. ~ Mackenzie

I liked feeding the horses. ~ Emma

I liked petting the dog. ~ Brady S.

I found out that it is not easy to jump! ~ Leif

I liked going in the black hole and I liked going on the hay ride.  I liked the petting goats and the ducks.  I thought it was very cool! ~ Rowan

I liked feeding the horse. ~ Matthew S.

I liked the black hole because it made me feel like I was going upside down.  I liked the hay maze because we got to climb on top of the hay and jump. ~ Jon

I liked petting the goats.  I liked petting Cookie and Cream. ~ Mitchell

I liked walking across the tightrope. ~ Owen

I liked pretending to ride the car. ~ Tyler

I liked the black hole and I thought it was freaky.  I thought it was going upside down. ~ Kaylen

I really liked eating in the barn. ~ Noah

I liked when Farmer Laurie sprayed milk from the cow, Bessie. ~ Hughe

I liked feeding the horses and petting the goats.  I would like to get a little lamb of my own. ~ Miss Lachuta

I thought it was really funny when the duck was putting on a show in the pool for us! ~ Mrs. Johannesson

I liked going for a walk in the woods and seeing the old treehouses. ~ Mrs. Johnson

I liked going in the black hole. ~ Matthew H.

I liked holding the kittens. ~ Haley

I enjoyed watching the kids milk the cows! ~ Mrs. Tarnowski

I liked the black hole and I liked feeding the horse.  I liked the truck, but the battery was dead. ~ Chrys

I liked going in the fox tower. ~ Matthew S.

When I went in the black hole, I had to hang onto the other side. ~ Kieran

I liked going in the black hole and the hay maze. ~ Lucas

I liked holding the big cat.  It licked my hands. ~ Koen

I liked holding the rabbits.  I can't wait to hold them again. ~ Logan

I liked going on top of the hay bales.  It felt like I was in Temple Run. ~ Rhianne

We had the BEST day!  It was a fun field trip!!!