Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shared Explorations - Grade 1 and 2

Today Miss Lachuta and Mrs. Michaluk's Grade 1 and 2 classes had shared Exploration Time.  It was fun!

We built robots and airplanes at recycled building. ~ Ryder
I liked making a mini sled. ~ Rhianne
I had fun playing with the other class. ~ Patrick

I liked figuring out different things. ~ Leif
We did painting today. ~ Kyra

I liked painting with the sparkly paints. ~ Amber
I liked sharing exploration time with the Grade 1s. ~ Essa
I liked making my flying saucer. ~ Rowan

I had to work on my robot.  I had to cut the pieces and some tape so that he could stay together.  I also painted his helmet.  I had fun! ~ Hughe
I liked building castles. ~ Kieran
I had fun building castles with Kieran because we helped each other with the outside wall. ~ Nate

It was fun making instruments. ~ Mitchell
I liked making a star wars ship with Taylor. ~ Tristan
It was fun making my hovercraft. ~ Tanner

I had fun building my shaker. ~ Taylor S.
It was totally fun!!! ~ Connor
I loved painting with the water colors! ~ Alyssa

 It was really fun sharing the activities. ~ Sidney
I love building! ~ Nayeli 
I had fun building instruments with my friends. ~ Matthew

It was super fun making LEGO. ~ Zachary
It is fun to paint! ~ Emma
I enjoyed making the instruments.  I made a shaker. ~ Breyden

I started making a car, but I had to change it to an airplane.  The best part was painting the airplane. ~ Cade 
I liked making my Pacman. ~ Luke 
It was fun playing with water colors. ~ Keenan

It is fun blogging! ~ Breyden 


  1. mris.m i loved bloging yesterday it was so fun i love bloging breyden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mrs. Johannesson's Grade 1 ClassMay 24, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    You did great because you built a cool castle. What were you building in the last picture? Great Job!

  3. Thank you for sharing your exploration centres with all of us. I love seeing students use their imagination and express their ideas by painting, building and creating. It must have been so awesome to do this with students from another grade and I would like students at SSES to have more opportunities such as this to learn and collaborate together. "I spy with my little eye....inventors, artists, builders, designers, architects, mechanics,...." Love from Mrs. Cuthbert xo

  4. Breyden's MomJune 13, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    Great inventions everyone! I am hearing so much excitment over this day still. Well done all!