Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mrs. Poloski's Grade 3 Science Exploration

I liked doing Science Centers because it was exciting!  The first day we put water in a cup and we put a white flower in it.  It turned red or blue because of the colored water. ~ Sydney

We did a match the seed with the plant game for centers.  It was fun because we had a good time.  We mixed them all up and then you found out who liked cantaloupe.  We played two games in one! ~ Mikayla

I loved doing the Science centers because you get to learn more about what you want to learn about. ~ Emily

I really can't wait to see how the plant with no air, with no water and the plant with no light turn out.  I wonder how much it will grow.  ~ Taylor

I liked the Science Centers because they were really fun and exploring is fun! ~ William

When I was weeding, there were lots of big weeds in the middle.  ~ Kenna

When I was weeding, all of the plants that I pulled out, even if they were tiny, had really long roots. ~ Lexy

I liked pulling out the weeds.  Sydney pulled out this giant weed right out of the dirt. ~ Ryan

When I was pulling out the weeds, my hands got dirty and I had to clean them in cold water.  It was freezing! ~ Malia

It was exciting and fun to pull out all of the weeds. ~ Erik

When I pulled out some of the weeds, the roots were pink. ~ Luke

Johannah, Erik and I pulled out this huge long was almost 5 feet long!  ~ Signy

We went outside to get some sand and rocks.  Everyday we checked to see how much they grew in different soils. ~ Samantha

I love to sketch nature.  ~ Shayne

We were sketching Jordin's strawberry plant flowers.  It was fun! ~ Ryan

When I was sketching, I drew a flower.  If it was curly, I made curvy lines. ~ Sydney

The carnations were really cool because they changed color overnight.  We put food coloring in the water and the carnation took on the color of the water.  The purpose of the stem is to suck up the water so that it can drink the water.  ~ Johannah and Harris

When we were looking under the microscopes at the seeds, they looked much bigger.  They looked different with the naked eye compared to the microscope. ~ Avery

We had to sketch two flowers and lots of leaves in our sketch books.  It is hard to sketch sometimes. ~ Avery

We used the microscopes to look at seeds. 

I wonder how weeds grow in soil. ~ Taylor

I wonder why some weed roots are pink. ~ William

It was really exciting when I was sketching because it was hard and fun at the same time.  After we colored our sketches, we labelled our drawings. ~ Johannah

We love Science in Grade 3!!!!!


  1. I think we did a good job with our centers and what we wrote on this blog was super!!!!!I think they were relly good pictures that were taken. Lets keep up with the good work!!

  2. this is the best blog in the world lol :P

  3. It looks like fun!I wish I was there to see what you did!! I like your pictures!!! Thank you for sharing this blog

  4. Thank you Grade 3's for sharing your incredible learning experiences in Science and the natural world around us. Your pictures and reflections of all of you engaged in your learning are so inspiring that I am sure students in other schools that visit your blog will wish they could come to our school. Thank you for weeding our crop garden as well and preparing it for more amazing learning opportunities to explore nature and the wonder of Science. Science rocks!!!

  5. I think it was cool getting to plant the wheat in the long raised garden. Before we got to plant we had to weed the entire long raised garden. It was hard work but totally worth it!

  6. Mrs. Michaluk's Grade 2 classJune 5, 2012 at 7:30 AM

    Yesterday, we sketched in Science, too. We sketched amphibians. We like sketching, too. It is fun! These are great pictures! The pictures showed us what you were doing. It looked like you were having fun sketching. We planted plants, too. It is fun having our own blog!

  7. blake magnusson 18June 8, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    it lookes like you guys hade a lot of fun planting

  8. planting is fun isnt it