Monday, May 28, 2012

Mrs. Magnusson's Magnet Projects

In May, Mrs. Magnusson's grade 3s have been learning about magnets.  All of the students worked on creating Magnet projects.  Everyone enjoyed making the projects!

The magnet projects were really fun to make and all of the kids enjoyed them. ~ Jasmine

I was in all of the pictures because I was helping hold up the posters. ~ Thor

They were awesome! ~ Hannah P.

Magnets are cool! ~ Alexis

If you want to learn about magnet projects, just ask Mrs. Magnusson and she will help you. ~ Tommy

You can find magnets all over your house. ~ Indiana

Some magnets don't really work on paint because the magnets get caught on the paint. ~ Michael

If you put north and north together it will repel.  ~ Morgan

A long time ago, people used magnets as compasses. ~ Karsen

It was fun drawing and painting our posters. ~ Hannah C.

Magnets attract to iron. ~ Angelica

Magnets attract iron filings and it is really cool to watch.  It makes cool shapes.

Magnets push and pull and they are made out of magnetite. ~ Mya

When we did the posters, we used magnets to move the characters.  We put paper clips on the characters and then used magnets to move them. ~ Zach

If you rub a balloon against a wall, when you put it near your hair it will stand up! ~ Dylan

If you put a magnet north to south, it will attract. ~ Corbin

We discovered that if you sprinkle iron filings around a magnet it makes a circle. ~ Lochlan

You can find magnets all over the place! ~ Ella

We also made go fish games with magnets.  We made magnet fishing rods.  ~ Eric

We learned so much about magnets!


  1. Mrs. Gibson's Gr. 4 ClassMay 29, 2012 at 8:24 AM

    I think the grade threes had fun and were creative. It looks like you learned a lot about magnets and spent a lot of time and effort on these projects. It looks neat that you used paint on your projects. We did these magnet projects last year and had a blast.

  2. I really enjoy this site, being able to see what the grade threes are working on and how much fun they have learning.

  3. Wow! Your magnet projects are so cool. I noticed them before when you were working on them but I love how all of you look so engaged in learning and how you are all having so much fun creating them. Your blog entries were fantastic because you didn't just write about what you liked, you wrote about what you learned. I can't believe how much I learned about magnets just from reading your posts. I feel so incredibly intelligent right now! Thank you Grade 3's!! Love from Mrs. Cuthbert xo

  4. Jen Campbell June 12, 2012June 12, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    It is wonderful to see you all having so much fun learning! Your projects look great, keep up the good work!!!!

  5. I think it was cool. They all were awsome. Was it fun. the grade 3 should do that again. : NICOLAS Auer