Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Literacy Centers in Kindergarten!

 Every morning, the Kindergarten classes start their day with Literacy Centers.

The students thoroughly enjoy these centers and look forward to them each day!

Literacy centers are when you do things in a book. ~ Carter

I like going to the SMART Board. ~ Aidan

I like playing with my friends. ~ Zion

I like reading with Miss Stouffer. ~ Jackson

I like playing on the SMART Board.

I like reading because I like all of the pictures in books. ~ Anika

I like to watch videos on the SMART Board. ~ Nolan

I really like playing blocks with my friends. ~ Miguel

I like to draw pictures to make a story. ~ Ryan

I liked making the letter blend capes today. A superhero brought us capes to make. ~ Ava

I like telling stories about my Pacman pictures. ~ Ben

I like drawing pictures with markers and crayons.  I like to draw pictures of my family, a present and a birthday cake. ~ Owen

I like going on the SMART Board.  I like playing the racing game on Starfall. ~ Blaze

I like making books. ~ Oscar

I really like reading with Miss Stouffer. ~ Isabelle

I like using the pen on the SMART Board. ~ Chayse

I liked reading The Storm with Miss Stouffer. ~ Keira

I like drawing pictures of the world. ~ Rocky

The racing is fun on the SMART Board. ~ David

I like going on Starfall and drawing. ~ Kerrigan

I like drawing pictures with markers of my pony Pal. ~ Bryce


  1. This looks great everyone! I really like all the details about your learning!

  2. i lake your blog you did a god job breyden

  3. good job breyden

  4. Thank you for sharing your literacy centre experiences with all of us. I just love coming in to your classroom and seeing all of you learning and growing and I have noticed what wonderful, caring young people all of you are. You are also fantastic artists, inventors, readers, writers, builders, and authors....I am so excited to see all of the great things you are going to be doing next year when you are in Grade 1!! Love from Mrs. Cuthbert xo

  5. This is a great way to see the kids learning and having fun at school!

  6. Carter's MomJune 13, 2012 at 8:53 AM

    Wicked awesome! I know that Carter, at home, is really enjoying read to me now! Not just listening to stories, but reading them :) So proud of you. Well done everyone, well done :D

  7. I wish I was in kindergarten and have a teacher like you mrs.stouffer