Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friendship Mural in Grade 1

Yesterday we put our hands in paint and put them on the mural.  It was fun! ~ Logan

The handprints were for our friendship. ~ Jacob

Somebody made purple handprints. ~ Klara

The paint felt like goo on my hands. ~ Brady

I liked it because we got to put our handprints on the wall. ~ Emma

I liked putting handprints on the wall because it was colorful. ~ Geir

My hands were green and blue.  When I got the paint on my hands it was ticklish. ~ Koen

I liked all of the handprints. ~ Tucker

We put pictures on the handprints. ~ Ryan

I liked the part when we were done painting.  The soap turned all different colours.  ~ Logan

It looked cool when the paint dried. ~ Matthew

The paint felt gooey on my hands. ~ Autumn

It felt weird with the paint on my hands. ~ Lucas

When they put the paint on my hand it tickled. ~ Kaylen

We like being friends in Grade 1!


  1. i love you gisis hand print pikther breyden.

  2. You did a good job at the finger paint!!

  3. Tt look's really cool good gob i wish i could do it to i bet it was fun.

  4. You did a lovely job on the friendship mural! :0)

  5. Viewing pictures of all of you creating your beautiful friendship mural made my heart sing with joy. Everybody looked like they were having so much fun but I could also feel the kindness and sharing that you have shown with your SSES friends just by looking at your colorful hand prints. I love how all the hands are different colors because it shows that all of us are different on the outside and we need to love and take care of each other as a family at SSES. Thank you for being such great friends and helpers. Love from Mrs. Cuthbert xo