Monday, October 17, 2016

Visit to the Japanese Cultural Centre ~ Room 129 & 131

Our grade 3 and 4 classes have the opportunity to visit the Japanese Cultural Centre in Winnipeg....experiencing the another culture expands our understanding and appreciation of our world!  Room 129 and 132 visited last week...stay tuned for Room 130 and Room 131's blog post after their visit this week!

written by Parker

We learned that the Japanese have 3 alphabets.  We made headband type things.  They had our names on them in Japanese on them.  We wrote it in ink.  Then we put on our headband.  They had to teach us to bow when meet someone new.

written by Jade

Last week, we made headbands with Japanese writing on it.  My favorite part was making origami.  We made a piano and a swan.  We used colorful paper.  The origami was easy and hard at the same time.  I learned a Japanese dance.  There was clapping, digging and covering your eyes.  The music was slow.  I also learned how to write my name in Japanese.  They wrote our name in Japanese and we could practice writing it.  We used fans, pencils and ink.  We had to have a bow.

written by Svea

Last week, we went on a field trip to the Japanese Cultural Centre.  When we first got there, we talked about the rules and things.  They said we have to go into groups of five or four.  First, we made origami.  We made a piano and a talking bird.  The talking bird was cool!  I already knew how to make a piano, so that was cool.  We all made headbands with Japanese writing on them.

written by Ryan

Last week we went to the Japanese Cultural centre.  My favorite thing was the origami because we made a bird and a piano.  We also got to make our names on a headband and we learned a dance.  We wore a Japanese shirt.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Moments and Memories....

Images captured in our Edsby sure to check out your child's classroom's weekly Edsby posts!!!  Moments, memories and wonders to celebrate, share and spark imagination!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shoreline Clean Up 2016


written by Ava V.

On Thursday, we went on a walk to the beach and on the way, we picked up garbage.  We did it with the high schoolers.  We picked up a lot of garbage including cigarette butts!  If everyone stopped or tried to stop smoking it would make Gimli a happy, smoke free town.  Please stop putting garbage on the ground.  We picked up way over 100 cigarette butts.  We had clipboards, garbage bags and recycling bags.  Thank you to people for keeping our beach clean!  We walked along the beach and most of us found no garbage.  But we still found a lot of garbage up town.  Even if you pick up 3 pieces of plastic a day, we would all make Gimli....even the world a much better place!

written by Owen

On Thursday, we went to the shoreline clean up.  My class, room 130, got their jackets and walked to the high school to get 4 high school kids.  They were in front, like teachers for us.  We walked to the beach, but when we were walking to the beach, we picked up garbage and recycling!  It would be a really good thing if we never in our lives littered!!!

written by Tanner

Last week, we had the Shoreline Clean-up.  There was a lot of garbage.  There were bottles, cans and a lot of cigarettes.  When we were picking up garbage, the high schoolers were helping us clean up garbage.  It is a good thing not to litter!!!

written by Grayson

On Thursday, we did the Shoreline Clean Up.  It was fun, but hard!  There were tons of cigarette butts!  First we went to the high school and then we went in groups with 4 high school students .  We went to the train tracks first.  There was a lot of garbage and recycling.  I held the cigarette bag.  Then we walked toward the Viking and we found car keys.  I hope the person that lost them, finds them at our school!  We went to the beach next and cleaned and had a group photo.  I also saw my brother, they were doing the Terry Fox Walk at DGJMS.  Please don't litter!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Exploring Nature....

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks."
~ John Muir

Photos of discoveries in nature from our Edsby pages

Annual Terry Fox Walk at SSES

Our Annual Terry Fox walk took place last Monday and Tuesday at SSES.  A special thank you to our families for donating a Toonie for Terry....we continue to walk for him and his fight for a cure!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Harvesting the potatoes!

 Our Potato Harvest 2016

written by Abby

In the spring, our school went outside and grew potatoes.  A few days ago, we went to harvest them.  Half of the class worked in the garden and the other half played and then we switched!  To harvest them, one person had to stand on the soil and push a pitchfork into it as hard as you could with one foot as someone else pulls a bunch of the potatoes out of the soil.  They were either huge or tiny!  They looked like little pink and red things surrounded by leaves that fell off of the tree that somehow got underground.  I think that if my Mom harvested potatoes, she would probably make mashed potatoes or french fries!!!

written by Rylan

Last spring we planted potatoes in our crop beds.  We cut the potato in half.  With the eyes sticking up is the way to plant them!  We must have done a great job because all of the potatoes grew!  There were at least 60 potatoes in the garden!  I hope to make oven potatoes!!

written by Sophie

We went outside with Mrs. Chapnick to get our potatoes.  One person used the fork and stuck it in the soil behind the potato and the other person pulled the potato plant.  The person with the fork pulled it back and at the same time the other person pulled the potato plant when the person with the fork said, "go!"  It was so much fun!  I would like to make baked potatoes out of them!

written by Duncan

We found some of the biggest potatoes in the school's entire garden life!  They were the size of giant tarantulas and way bigger than baseballs!  The biggest one was the size of a grown-up's hand!!!  I would say we got about 40 potatoes.  The potato plants looked like weeds.  If I got to pick what it was going to be, I would make potato chips!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Step Outside and let your creativity soar!

Inspired by our love of the outdoors and nature.....our monthly book draw will be the beautiful book, "Step Outside!"  Be sure to send in your draw slip from the September newsletter.  For the remainder of the year please send your child's name on a recycled slip of paper once you have viewed Edsby, the blog, Twitter or the school website.

Each month we have an assembly to celebrate the children at SSES!  Mrs. Cuthbert shares a beautiful story with us, we have a dance party to get moving and we celebrate each child's birthday!  This year, each child will be receiving a kite to decorate and let their creativity shine!!!

Exploring nature is an integral part of our philosophy at SSES....many classes have been outside exploring and discovering nature!  It provides opportunities for authentic research, writing, numeracy, inquiry and collaboration....and countless other learning experiences!